Memorial Day Classic – Ithaca Youth Soccer Dorms

Erie Premier Sports | Memorial Day Classic

Ithaca Youth Soccer Dorms
May 27 – 29, 2023


We are excited to welcome the players, coaches and families to the campus of Penn West Edinboro, where the clubs can stay as a family at the University campus.

Please see below the BOOK NOW links, where families can purchase their dormitory suite for that weekend.  The dormitories are a great and cheaper option than hotels, and guarantee teams can stay together.

Listed here are highlights of our club team building experience, when staying at the highlands dormitory suites:
  • The entire area is exclusive to the club (lobby areas, courtyards and TV lobby’s etc).
  • Classroom type space for team meetings
  • Large gathering area in the outside courtyard provided, for club gatherings and picnic etc, with tables and chairs also provided.
  • Highlands buildings are right in the center of the tournament campus, walk from your suite to any fields in under 5 minutes, no dealing with traffic, parking or commute.
  • PLEASE NOTE: the dormitory suites are not dressed as hotels, therefore each family/guest is responsible to bring their own bedding (sheets,pillow, fitted sheets/blankets) and toiletries (towels, soap, shampoo etc).

Highlands #3 or #7

Each building has a total of 47 suites, two types of suites are offered in this building.

Suite with 4 individual rooms, each room with a full bed. Suite has a living room area, and kitchenette space (no appliances). Suites are air conditioned and have two full bathrooms on each. Suite easily accommodates 4-6 adults/children. See diagram picture below:


Suite with two “double rooms”, each room has two single beds, and a full bathroom. Suite has a living room area, and kitchenette space (no appliances). Suites are air conditioned. Suite easily accommodates 4 adults/children. See diagram picture below:



  • $342.00 per suite 2-night stay (tax and fees included)

Payment Terms

  • Prices include all taxes and fees and are for two nights. Not offered for one night only.
  • During your purchase/reservation – you cannot pay online. You will be sent a separate electronic invoice via email, within a few hours from your purchase. You can use any debit/credit card to complete your purchase. Suites will go back to inventory to be sold to the next bidder 5 days after the invoice was sent, and the reservation will be canceled if unpaid.
  • If a team advances to Monday May 29th finals, you must text your information to (814) 572-8932. The cost for one extra night based on the price of the 2 night stay, respectively. If not paid in advance, the club could be charged.
  • The University and Erie Premier Sports are not responsible for lost, damaged items, or any issue arising during your stay.

We expect the suites to sell out fast, please encourage families to purchase theirs immediately!