Memorial Day Classic – FC Pittsburgh Dorms

Erie Premier Sports | Memorial Day Classic

We are excited to welcome the FC Pittsburgh players, coaches and families to the campus of Mercyhurst University, where the club will stay as a family once again at the University campus — a FCP tradition!

Please see below the BOOK NOW links, where families can purchase their dormitory suite for that weekend.

The Campus of Mercyhurst University is a beautiful, private campus, situated right in the middle of the 4-5 soccer field facilities we are using for the tournament. From there, all sites are an average between 12-20 minute drive at the most. In addition, we are using 3 turf fields on site, which means that several of the U13-U19 teams could play games on site during the weekend.

As always, it is a first come-first serve in regards to availability. There are 82 suites with 4 beds at Ryan Hall, and 160 suites with 2 beds on Warde Hall, and offered to FCP, all very modern and clean, and air conditioned. The beds are individual size, but have space to accommodate air beds or sleeping bags if families choose to use them. All have full bathrooms. Each family is responsible to bring their own linens, bedding and toiletries. If a family needs a suite with 4 beds and they are “sold out”, they could purchase two of the suites with two beds, or purchase a suite for 4 at the Gannon U campus (located less than 10 min away).

FC Pittsburgh

We have a catered “club picnic” on Saturday night, FREE of charge for everyone that purchases a dormitory suite for the weekend, included in the price, at Mercyhurst. No other meals are provided, however there are plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, etc within 5 minutes from the university. Ryan Hall offers a coffee shop onsite, with breakfast options for sale as well.


  • Ryan Hall (4 beds): $349.10
  • Warde Hall (2 beds): $249.20

Payment Terms

  • Prices include all taxes and fees and are for two nights (Friday & Saturday nights). Not offered for one night only.
  • During your purchase/reservation – you cannot pay online. You will be sent a separate electronic invoice via email, within a few hours from your purchase. You can use any debit/credit card to complete your purchase. Suites will go back to inventory to be sold to the next bidder 5 days after the invoice was sent, and the reservation will be canceled if unpaid.
  • If a team advances to Monday finals, you must text your information to (814) 572-8932. The cost for one extra night based on the price of the 2 night stay, respectively. If not paid in advance, the club could be charged.
  • The University and Erie Premier Sports are not responsible for lost, damaged items, or any issue arising during your stay.

We expect the suites to sell out fast, please encourage families to purchase theirs immediately!

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Ryan Hall


Warde Hall