Elite Soccer Training School

U9-U14 Players  |  September – April
Individual Player Development

If you are looking to seriously improve your soccer skills and to be more of an impact on your soccer team this year, then our Elite Soccer Training School is ideal for you. Each class focuses specifically on all of the core skills required to be a successful soccer player. This program is designed for club soccer players with a desire to supplement their regular practice schedule with small group training.

Working in a small group (up to 8 players) is a great way to really develop your skills. In this environment it is possible to focus a great deal of time and energy in taking those skills to the next level. Often during team training sessions, individual areas that need to be developed may be missed by the coach as they are having to work with 12-18 players at a time!

With this type of training we can really focus on a certain area that the individual player needs to focus on. You may have a player that is a great defender but who struggles with their footskills and 1v1 moves. We can tailor each session to focus specifically on the skills that need to be improved by that individual player. This individual focus really isn’t possible in regular team training… as the coach is creating sessions to benefit the entire team, not just one specific individual.

Sessions are once per week and 45-minutes in length, but very intensive. Players should be prepared to work in groups of up to 8 players to maximize attention and repetition. Several sessions throughout the year allow for continuous training to complement your regular scheduled soccer practices.

Program Details

Cost $100.00 per player
Ages Boys and Girls U9-U14

  • U9 = 2009 birth year
  • U10 = 2008 birth year
  • U11 = 2007 birth year
  • U12 = 2006 birth year
  • U13 = 2005 birth year
  • U14 = 2004 birth year
 Session Length 6-weeks
Practice Length 45-minutes
Number of Players Max of 8 players per training group.
Deadline Registration is open until groups are full.


Practice Options

Age Group Option 1 Option 2
U9-U10-U11 Boys & Girls Monday 7:20pm – EPS West Thursday 6:00pm – EPS East
U12-U13-U14 Boys & Girls Monday 6:30pm – EPS West Thursday 6:50pm – EPS East
EPS West
4504 West Ridge Rd
Erie, PA 16506
EPS East
3515 McClelland Ave
Erie, PA 16510
  • Players may select one or both options per session.
  • Additional training options may be added if necessary.

Sessions Overview

All sessions are 6-weeks in length, unless otherwise noted. Some dates may be off due to Holidays. Please follow the Session Schedule listed below for exact dates by class day.

Session Start Week End Week
Fall One September 4, 2017 November 13, 2017
Fall Two TBA TBA
Winter One TBA TBA
Winter Two TBA TBA
Spring TBA TBA

*Fall 2017 – Monday EPS West classes begin September 11 due to Labor Day*

Session Schedule

Fall One

Classes Dates
EPS West September: 11, 18, 25
October: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
November: 6, 13
EPS East

Fall Two

Classes Dates
EPS West
EPS East

Winter One

Classes Dates
EPS West
EPS East

Winter Two

Classes Dates
EPS West
EPS East


Classes Dates
EPS West
EPS East